Brazilian born jewelry designer, Nina Murad Jabado, tells an exotic and delicate story with her jewelry. Inspired by the rainbow of gem colors, energy and natural beauty of Brazil, the Alanina jewelry designs are unique in their aesthetic.

Nina Mourad Jabado

Nina Mourad Jabado

Based in Beirut, she creates exclusive pieces for an international clientele that seek her out for her exquisite gemstones sourced worldwide as well as her effortless design aesthetic. The intricate craftsmanship complemented by the beautiful stones in special cuts, make her designs inherently unique creating an exclusive collection of fine jewelry for the modern woman.

Starting off in finance, Nina realized that her passion lied in jewelry design. She started researching about the richness of the Brazilian minerals and gemstones and soon found herself inspired by all the colors, hues and energy of these stones. 

Her first collection, launched in 2016, was received with critical acclaim and the designer subsequently established her brand in Lebanon.




We live in a world where women are self-determined, modern and sophisticated. My designs are a reflection of the contemporary woman so that when she wears a piece, she sees herself through it, unique and exquisite. This is what ALANINA is all about.